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War Wolves is a Horde military themed Heavy RP guild on MoonGuard (US). From events to casual RP the guild is an ever growing group that would love to have you!We do events for the guild, group events with other guilds / groups, and partake in other server wide activities as we promote and encourage community gatherings! All while using the MoonGuard famous "Conquest" D20 System. We also do PvE and PvP events, some of which are tied into the RP scene! We host campaigns with long story arcs that span multiple events to allow for constant character and guild development.Everyone is different and we try to cater to a wide variety of military themed concepts! We are always looking for unique and new members, from soldiers to spies to engineers. The list goes on!Contact info can be found below!


A military sect led by a mighty War Council was established to combat any and all threats to the Horde. Join the ranks of the War Wolves and take on a wide variety of threats, become an honorable member of the Horde, and find yourself in Azeroths toughest army!With the Horde facing new and old threats alike, it is up to the War Wolves Warband, a division within the Horde Military, to be the combatants the Red Faction needs. Fight alongside your brothers and sisters of varying backgrounds to take on the likes of the Alliance Forces, Monsters, Bandits, Traitors, and more!


No Harassment of Any Kind: This is an RP guild, OOC bullying is not tolerated and any issues with other individuals should be expressed to an officer.No Hateful Comments: No hateful actions towards anyone, whether it's based on skin tone, gender, etc.No Godmodding: We are fighters, not all powerful beings. If that's how you want to play there are other guilds for that. That also means accepting the way the dice roll! It's all chance!Stay Connected: We understand people take time off or want to do other things. But please let us know about it. Someone who has been offline from the guild without a verbal reason after 3 months will be kicked!Keep it PG!: We are an 18+ guild BUT we still ask all members keep 18+ topics off Discord or in game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have no experience in RP/Military RP, can I still join?
A: Yes! We would be happy to teach you!
Q: My character isn't a soldier can they still join?
A: The Warband has a wide variety of people to fill any role, such as crafters and medics!
Q: What kind of events can I expect?
A: We do guild oriented RP events, community RP events, PvP events, PvE Events, and occasionally discord events!
Q: I dont know how to do D20 Dice Rolls. What should I do?
A: We will gladly teach you how to use our system and the D20 dice! As long as you are willing to learn!
Q: What kind of requirements do you have?
A: Discord is a must for communication, and TRP3 the addon is required, we also have a list of highly encouraged addons to make your experience better!
Q: My Character is not Pro Faction War / Pro Conflict. Will I fit in?
A: Probably not. Our Guild focuses primarily on fighting other groups and characters with a hesitancy to fight will find themselves unable to participate in many of the things we provide as a Guild.
Q: How do I sign up?
A: Simple! Either contact us through the in-game mail system or discord using the contact information at the bottom of the page and we will do an interview!

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War Wolves